Leveraging Social Media Connections & Content with Chelsea Peitz: Strategies for Real Estate Professionals
The Ultimate AgentAugust 22, 2023x
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Leveraging Social Media Connections & Content with Chelsea Peitz: Strategies for Real Estate Professionals

Welcome to this episode of The Ultimate Agent Podcast! In today's episode, we have the incredible Chelsea Peitz joining us for an enlightening conversation about leveraging social media to elevate your real estate game. Chelsea, a renowned social media and branding coach, shares her expert insights on creating sustainable and long-term strategies for success. She emphasizes the power of building personal connections through social media platforms, highlighting the ease and effectiveness of lead generation using social media without burning yourself out. From optimizing your Instagram profile to engaging with clients in unique ways, Chelsea provides invaluable advice for real estate professionals looking to make the most of social media. Get ready to learn about the different formats and features of Instagram, uncover effective hashtag strategies, and discover the secret to consistent growth. Join us as Chelsea Peitz takes us on a journey through the world of social media in the real estate industry. This is an episode you won't want to miss!

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Key Topics: 

- Importance of viewing social media as a long-term and sustainable plan - Comparison of building relationships on social media to creating new friendships over time

- Social media as an easy and effective lead generation tool - Personal connections without being on camera

- Strategies for optimizing Instagram profiles - Clear information about who you are, what you do, and where you do it - Clickable contact information and calls to action in bios

- Importance of being referral-only and connecting with clients on a personal level - Example of engaging with clients through surprise gifts

- Trying out different social media platforms - Embracing unique ways of working and different strategies - What works for individual preferences

- All forms of marketing work - Whatever you focus on will expand - Different people have different preferences and comfort levels

- Individual personalities and life circumstances in marketing strategies - Considering preferences and comfort levels

- Building an email list for nurturing and connecting with a community

- Access to a large audience and elimination of traditional forms of communication

- Benefits of social media in creating conversation starters and eliminating cold calls

- Convenience and ability to connect with others as reasons to love social media

- Disagreement with some of Instagram's guidelines - Instagram's recommendation for 3 to 5 hashtags - Use of trending music in reels

- Instagram's push for reel usage and drop in engagement for static images

- Importance of changing up content to keep it interesting for the audience - Prioritizing commenting, talking to people, and posting stories

- Misunderstanding and significance of hashtags on Instagram - Hashtags as index cards for finding relevant content - No guarantee of popularity or reach - Using keywords for content discoverability - Hyperlocal hashtags importance in real estate

- Value in providing a personal touch and showcasing expertise in content

- Conveying competence and authority within seconds to attract engagement

- Importance of the human connection in building relationships and connecting emotionally

- Consistency as a key factor in growth on social media - Rapid growth through multiple posts a day - Increased reach, visibility, and views through daily posting

- Algorithm's focus on consistency and routine for growth

- Importance of considering sustainability and long-term goals in posting frequency

- Speaker's background as a social media and branding coach - Passion about helping real estate professionals leverage free tools - First book on the science of faces and trust acceleration through screens

- Use of technology to create real relationships at scale

- Social media as a vehicle for reaching and connecting with a larger audience

- Importance of video content for eye contact and scalability

- Invaluable role of building relationships through content for business and personal relationships

- Different features and formats of Instagram - Stories as fast and unedited content for building trust and familiarity - Reels as a growth strategy and content library - Doing what you love and focusing on preferred formats