Inside the Mind of an IG User: Revelations That Will Change Your Approach & Maximize Your Exposure
The Ultimate AgentOctober 14, 2023x
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Inside the Mind of an IG User: Revelations That Will Change Your Approach & Maximize Your Exposure

Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Ultimate Agent Podcast with your host, Jenny Aldrete! Get ready to dive deep into the world of Instagram and other apps as we uncover how your clients are using social media and how it can transform your content strategy. In this episode, Jenny reveals some mind-blowing facts about carousel posts and the impact they have on engagement. These revelations will change the way you approach your content and maximize your exposure. Jenny also reminds us of the importance of being purposeful and authentic in our social media efforts, focusing on attracting the right audience rather than chasing viral fame. Plus, she discusses the top features that Gen Z and millennials love on Instagram and how you can leverage these to connect with your clients. So buckle up and get ready for an enlightening and empowering episode that will take your social media game to the next level. Let's dive in!

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Primary Topic 1: Instagram Features and Engagement

- Introduction to carousel posts and their significance - The engagement and ranking benefits of carousel posts - Instagram's algorithm shows carousel posts twice to users - The importance of being strategic with the first two images in a carousel post

Primary Topic 2: Social Media Purpose and Audience Targeting

- Differentiating between influencers and real estate professionals - The goal of attracting potential clients for real estate business - The need for purposeful and targeted content on social media - Emphasizing the importance of reaching the right audience, not going viral

Primary Topic 3: The Importance of Reels and Short-form Video

- Reels as a top-of-funnel content type - Reaching a broader audience, especially Gen Z and Millennials - The increasing popularity of video content - Encouraging real estate professionals to prioritize creating Reels

Primary Topic 4: Other Instagram Features and User Behavior

- Stories as the most-used feature by Gen Z and Millennials - Reels and photo filters as popular features - Direct Messages as a means of communication and connection for younger users - Shifting the perspective on in-person connections and embracing digital communication.