Building a Winning Team with ATX Cristina Valdes, Realtor®
The Ultimate AgentSeptember 27, 2023x
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Building a Winning Team with ATX Cristina Valdes, Realtor®

Welcome back to another episode of The Ultimate Agent Podcast! In today's episode, we have a special guest, Cristina Valdes, who will be sharing some incredible insights on coordination, collaboration, and client success. Cristina and her team have built a reputation for their unique approach in the real estate industry, focusing on the collective power of every agent in their team rather than one individual. Tune in as Cristina shares strategies on asking for reviews and referrals, creating meaningful relationships with clients, and the power of building a strong community. But that's not all! Cristina also opens up about her personal journey, including the importance of coaching, making impactful connections, and investing in the vibrant East Austin community. Get ready to be inspired and motivated as we dive into Cristina Valdes' amazing story on The Ultimate Agent Podcast!

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Avance Austin - AVANCE creates pathways to economic mobility for predominantly Latino families through high-quality, culturally responsive, two-generation programming that ensures school readiness for young children and opportunities for parents to build social and economic capital.

Bio: Since 2001, Cristina Valdés has helped clients buy, sell, and invest in real estate. As a top-rated REALTOR® in Austin, she has directed her efforts towards exceeding clients’ expectations before, during, and after each transaction. Clients trust in her quality service, and as a result, they develop long-term relationships and friendships. These relationships have enabled her to work exclusively by referral and helped her become a top REALTOR® in Austin. Clients trust in Cristina's professionalism, great service, expertise, and commitment. Consequently, they continue to refer friends and family to her for the same exceptional care and reliability. If you are thinking about buying, selling, or investing, Cristina would like to work with you, too. Her time-tested systems net maximum value for sellers and her strategic processes get buyers homes that are a great fit in any market. Whatever type of endeavor, she has systems in place to take you through the process efficiently. Her efforts will instruct you on what to expect and help bring clarity to your real estate decisions. Whether you are a first-time buyer, first-time seller, or a seasoned investor, she can help you develop a better appreciation and understanding of the process, while improving your bottom line. Cristina has helped more than 400 clients buy and sell homes. During that time, she also personally purchased and renovated at least a dozen homes. Some were long-term investments, others were resold. In the early ‘90s, her first investments were two duplexes in Southeast Austin and a four-plex in El Paso. Those properties eventually helped her buy more fixer-uppers and helped her make rock-solid contacts with contractors and lenders. Having learned what pitfalls to avoid, she has a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience she shares with her clients. The result of her experience as a REALTOR®, real estate investor, and remodeler is that she can provide information that adds value to each transaction and help clients achieve their real estate goals efficiently. These skills have helped maintain her status as a top REALTOR® and a proactive, trusted advisor to her clients in Austin Cristina works hard in the communities she serves. She adores every square inch of Central Texas — from Round Rock to San Antonio, out to the sprawling communities all along I-35… and everything in between. Though Cristina is never really off the clock, when she does take a moment or two away, you might find her at the Botanical Garden or enjoying dinner with friends downtown.


Bio: Cristina Valdes, a determined and ambitious individual, grew up in a tight-knit community in El Paso. After completing her undergraduate studies at UTEP, she spent some time working in the accounting field. However, Cristina had always dreamt of living in Austin, influenced by her older brother who attended UT Austin and settled there. During a visit to the city, Cristina and her family instantly fell in love with its vibrant atmosphere, prompting her to make it her ultimate goal. Overcoming the hesitations of her protective border town upbringing, it took Cristina until the age of 28 to finally make the move to Austin. Along her journey, she acquired a diverse set of experiences, such as a teaching job, before eventually achieving her goal and setting foot in the city she had longed for. Now armed with an MBA, Cristina is excited to embark on her new chapter in Austin, ready to seize every opportunity that comes her way.

The Evolution of East Austin: "Because of my high school experience working at Austin High and working with those students, they really educated me on East Austin... East Austin was completely different. So it was a fun time..." — Cristina Valdes [00:05:3900:05:47] Building a Strong Referral-based Business: "So the whole idea is to be with your client before, during, and after each transaction. And in ways that are meaningful, in some ways that are just sweet, birthday cards, and maybe little gifts... and just really building a community that is... a strong community." — Cristina Valdes [00:08:0600:08:20] Referral Marketing: "I start asking for referral right off the bat because usually that person came to me as a referral, And so I explained how that happened and how that really gives them a lot of a lot more power in the relationship because they're They're, like, 3 or 4 deep in in this referral tree. So they're off of a branch that I really want to continue to grow and foster." — Cristina Valdes [00:09:3300:10:01] "Importance of Online Reviews: Nowadays, online reviews are so important. So we're really trying to just plant those seeds and ask for reviews and ask for referrals." — Cristina Valdes [00:11:1900:11:28] The Importance of Building Trust with Clients: "So my ultimate goal is to, be their realtor for life, Their trusted advisor and not be in it for just, like, commission." — Cristina Valdes [00:15:4900:16:02] "Believing in the Power of Admin Support: So I really strongly believe in the admin support." — Cristina Valdes [00:20:0500:20:09] Building a Collaborative Team: "I didn't want it to be like the Christina Valdez team. I didn't want it to be that because I wanted for every agent on our team to be able to, be highlighted and shine and not be, like, under my name necessarily in every marketing piece that goes out. So we that I think that set the tone. So it's not like my team. It's our team." — Cristina Valdes [00:21:0800:21:20] Viral Topic: Underrated Real Estate Investments in Houston and East Austin Quote: "Anything that I purchased Houston back in the I think it was the early nineties or mid nineties was just amazing...I just love the area. I saw a lot of potential being so close to the lake and being so close to East Austin is incredible...people are finally realizing that." — Cristina Valdes [00:24:1100:24:21] The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with High-Achievers: "You never wanna be the smartest in the room or the most successful in the room because that's not gonna get you anymore. It's being in a throwing yourself in a situation where you're, like, The lowest producer." — Cristina Valdes [00:29:1200:29:22] The Power of Impact: "When I look back, I want to be able to impact more people's lives and change them." — Cristina Valdes [00:34:3500:34:39]